Lande has its own production centre in Porto, Portugal. This allows us to manage the production process of all our cosmetics in an integral way, the welcome products and packaging from their formulation to their final presentation.


  With the support of our laboratory, we create different collections of amenities by carefully selecting
additives, fragrances and essential oils in order to achieve natural and sustainable cosmetics.

  At the same time, our creative team works to create our product lines, using a large variety of materials and experimenting with shapes, colours and fonts, in order to create the most attractive
and sophisticated packaging in the sector.

  Thanks to this joint effort, LANDE is at the forefront of the sector due to the quality and design of its
products and collections.


Lande is also a pioneer in the use of robotic technology. In our production centre of more than 8,000 m2 we have fast and precise machinery which guarantees a production performance with the optimization of our resources.

  From our headquarters, central warehouses and logistics platform of over 6,000 m2 located in At Lande we have a worldwide distribution network and our own logistics offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Oporto, Miami, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Hong Kong. Our priority is to provide a quality and timely service to all our customers.